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We support over 600 farmers' organisations in more than 50 developing countries
We support FOs towards autonomy and access to finance
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Advisory Committee



Farmers Fighting Poverty Advisory Committee

For the steering of Farmers Fighting Poverty, the General Assembly of AgriCord takes advice from the Advisory Committee.  This Committee is composed of farmer representatives from developing countries in different regions of the world, the president and managing director of AgriCord.

The current representatives are from the following organisations:

AFA             Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Development

EAFF            East African Farmers Federation

PAFO           Pan African Farmers Organisation

PROPAC      Plateforme org. paysannes d’Afrique Centrale

ROPPA         Réseau des Organisations Paysannes et de Producteurs AgriColes 

SACAU         Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions

UMNAGRI    Union Maghrébine et de l'Afrique du Nord des Agriculteurs

UNICAFES    União Nacional das Cooperativas de Agricultura Familiar


The Advisory Committee started in October 2011, and has – each year – formulated recommendations to the General Assembly of AgriCord about the priorities, the approaches and strategies of Farmers Fighting Poverty. The following specific themes were dealt with:

  • 2012 Impact of the work of farmers’ organisations and of support to farmers’ organisations. Its recommendations covered the definition of impact, reasons for measuring impact, operational challenges, specifics of agricultural systems and farmers’ organisations, and different approaches for measuring impact.

  • 2013 Approaches for monitoring and evaluating (M&E) the impact of farmers’ organisations, in terms of farmers’ income and livelihood.

  • 2014 Grants vs. Investments: Mobilisation of risk capital by farmers’ organisations.

  • 2015 Support to farmers’ organisations engaging in/with private sector and in business initiatives.

  • 2016 Improve the functioning of agro-food chains, for the benefit of farmers.

  • 2017 Consolidated reporting on results and impact of Farmers Fighting Poverty. Joint meeting with the Technical and Financial Partners of AgriCord.

Image gallery

Manila 2015 General Assembly – Grants vs. Risk Capital – Asian Development Bank
Manila 2015 General Assembly – Grants vs. Risk Capital – Asian Development Bank
2015 AgriCord Advisory Committee Manila – Asian Development Bank ADB Headquarters – Farmers’ Organisations working with Grants vs. Risk Capital
2015 General Assembly and Advisory Committee visit Québec farms
2015 Mbour General Assembly meets farmers’ organisations in Senegal – with Asprodeb
2015 Focus on family farming and cooperative strategies – Farmers’ dialogue in Mbour Senegal
2015 Mbour Senegal Field visit with Asprodeb irrigated rice fleuve du Sénégal