AgriCord is the global alliance of agri-agencies, mandated by farmers' organisations
We support over 600 farmers' organisations in more than 50 developing countries
We support FOs towards autonomy and access to finance
We support FOs in length and continuity

Board of Directors



Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages the business of the AgriCord alliance, and represents AgriCord in all judicial and extrajudicial acts. The Board is entitled to take any management acts that are not explicitly reserved to the General Assembly by law or by these mentioned in the articles of association. 

2015 Board of AgriCord Mbour Senegal – defines strategic developments for the AgriCord alliance

Although the members of the Board are delegates mandated by agri-agencies and/or associated member organisations, they should in their capacity as office bearer of AgriCord serve the interest of AgriCord and manage the organisation in the best possible way without privileging any party or serving the interest of the organisation that delegates them. In September 2020 the General Assembly elected a new board, for a period of 3 years:

Werner Schwarz from Deutsche Bauernverband new president of AgriCord

Board of Directors 2020


Werner Schwarz (President)

asprodeb Ousmane Ndiaye (Vice President)
UPA DI Marcel Groleau (Vice President)
AFDI Laure Hamdi
We Effect  Hans Lind
Boerendbond Pieter Verhelst
UNICAFES Vanderley Ziger