AgriCord is the global alliance of agri-agencies, mandated by farmers' organisations
We support over 600 farmers' organisations in more than 50 developing countries
We support FOs towards autonomy and access to finance
We support FOs in length and continuity

General Assembly



Presidency of AgriCord

G. Doornbos L. Pellerin      
G. Doornbos
LTO Netherlands
L. Pellerin
UPA Canada
P. Vanthemsche
Boerenbond Belgium
J-F Isambert

W Schwarz
DBV Germany


General Assembly

AgriCord is governed by a General Assembly of 25 delegates, of which 13 are elected leaders of farmers’ organisations and 12 are executive directors of the agri-agencies. Each agri-agency has 2 delegates: one from its farmers’ constituency, in the rule the president, plus the executive director of the agri-agency. An associated member has one delegate.

The executive Board of AgriCord is chaired by the president of AgriCord, an elected farmer leader.

AgriCord is thus mandated and led by representative organisations of farmers in the EU (8 countries), in Canada, in Asia (10 countries) and in Africa (1 country).

Members of the General Assembly – Membres de l’Assemblée Générale (2016 - 2018)

Acodea (Spain)    UPA : José Manuel ROCHE, director                           Manuel NOGALES
Afdi (France) JA : Jérémy DECERLE, vice-president                          Laure HAMDI
Agriterra (Netherlands) LTO : Marc CALON, president                              Kees BLOKLAND
AHA (Germany)   DBV: Willi KAMPMANN, director                                 Andreas QUIRING
AsiaDHRRA (Asia)  AFA :  Lyam Bahadur Darjee, president                      Marlene RAMIREZ
Asprodeb (Senegal)  CNCR : Boubacar DIOP, président FPA                        Ousmane NDIAYE
CSA (Belgium)   FWA : Joseph PONTHIER, president                            Alex DANAU
FERT (France)  AGPB: Jean-François ISAMBERT, secr. général          Anne PANEL
FFD (Finland)  MTK : Antti SAHI, secretary general                            Seppo KALLIO
Trias (Belgium)   Boerenbond : Sonja DE BECKER, president               Lode DELBARE
UPA DI (Canada)  UPA : Marcel GROLEAU, president                              André BEAUDOIN
We Effect (Sweden)  LRF : Lotta FOLKESSON, member of the Board         Jakob LUNDBERG               
associated member CIA (Italy)  Secondo SCANAVINO, president  


Image gallery

2011 Board meeting at Boerenbond Leuven
2016 Paris General Assembly – J. Ponthier president of FWA Belgium with I. Coussement – R. Longo of IFAD and B. Dequinze of EuropeAid with K. Blokland
2016 Paris General Assembly – Ousmane Ndiaye of Asprodeb
2016 General Assembly Paris – Keynote contributions by Henri de Benoist, president of FERT, … , president of UNIGRAINS, and Jean-François Isambert, vice-president of UNIGRAINS
2016 Assemblée Générale Paris at UNIGRAINS/FERT – AFDI and FERT present their activities