AgriCord is the global alliance of agri-agencies, mandated by farmers' organisations
We support over 600 farmers' organisations in more than 50 developing countries
We support FOs towards autonomy and access to finance
We support FOs in length and continuity




The AgriCord alliance is the initiative of mainstream farmers’ organisations from OECD countries. The alliance currently consists of 12 member agri-agencies, representing farmers’ organisations from Europe, Canada, West-Africa and Asia.

Farmers’ organisations are aware of the huge differences existing between farmers and farming systems in the world. They created AgriCord as their – global – alliance to strengthen the capacities of their colleagues, to create a – political and economic – level playing field for all farmers , and to improve their livelihood security.

The logo of the alliance refers to these huge differences, and to the need “to bring the pieces together”.



AgriCord members are the following twelve agri-agencies, each with its own network of farmers’ organisations in many developing countries, and each mandated by their respective national farmers’ organisations:

agri-agencies farmers’ organisations country since
ACODEA UPA, FADEMUR, Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias Spain 2014
AFDI FNSEA, APCA, Jeunes Agriculteurs, CNMCCA France 2003
AHA DBV Deutscher BauernVerband Germany 2014
ASIADHRRA AFA Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development Asia 2011
ASPRODEB Organisations agricoles du Sénégal membres d’Asprodeb Senegal 2011
CSA FWA Fédération Wallonne d’Agriculture Belgium 2010
FERT Groupe Céréaliers de France (AGPB, AGPM, ARVALIS, UNIGRAINS) France 2003
FFD MTK, SLC, Pellervo, ProAgria Finland 2013
TRIAS Boerenbond, Landelijke Gilden, KVLV and KLJ Belgium 2003
UPA DI UPA Union des Producteurs Agricoles (Québec) Canada 2003
WE EFFECT LRF Federation of Swedish Farmers Sweden 2004


Since 2011, organisations from non-OECD countries, one from the Asian region, AsiaDHRRA (agri-agency for AFA, Asian Farmers’ Association) and one from Senegal, Asprodeb (agri-agency for a large group of Senegalese farmers’ organisations), also joined the alliance.

Agri-agencies are (i) governed by farmers’ and other rural people’s organisations and cooperatives, and (ii) focus their development work on strengthening similar farmers’ organisations and cooperatives elsewhere. All strongly believe in the power of organized farmers to foster more inclusive and prosperous societies.

Each agency supports professional farmers’ organisations and cooperatives, thus developing family based farming by promoting their entrepreneurial capacities and driving development by promoting farmer-led rural off-farm rural employment and service provision.

Each agri-agency within the alliance:

  • retains its own identity and specific farmer-led governance and control

  • is committed to mutual support and collaboration and to alignment of its activities, for a more efficient use of resources, and for more effective support to farmers’ organisations.

AgriCord members base their actions on demands from organized farmers, respecting the independence, autonomy, organizational set-up and levels of authority in each organization or cooperative, yet with a clear objective of giving them a better position in the economy and society.

Among the agri-agencies, differences exist in target groups and organizations, focus countries and approaches. This creates opportunities to cover the different needs, types and levels of farmer’s organisations and cooperatives in various contexts, and to adapt strategies to the potential and the diversity of the farmers involved. The 2016 re-engineering of the alliance allows to take advantage of these differences among agri-agencies and complement each other’s strengths.


Associated members

An organisation, eligible to become an associated organisation within AgriCord, is either a membership based farmer's organisation, or an organisation, linked to the farmers' world, involved in the support to producer organisations in developing countries, in line with the vision and mission of AgriCord. The applying associated organisations must have the legal statute of a non-profit organisation, and must have a proven record of concrete involvement in development cooperation issues.

Farmers’ organisations from Finland (MTK), Germany (DBV), Spain (UPA) have been longtime associated member of AgriCord, before creating their own agri-agency: FFD for Finland, , AHA for Germany, and ACODEA for Spain.