AgriCord is the global alliance of agri-agencies, mandated by farmers' organisations
We support over 600 farmers' organisations in more than 50 developing countries
We support FOs towards autonomy and access to finance
We support FOs in length and continuity

Project Committee



The Project Committee

AgriCord’s Project Committee reviews the proposals of farmers’ organisations for their coherence with the principles of Farmers Fighting Poverty. Since each agri-agency is represented by a senior staff member, all information on new proposals is transparently available within the alliance, allowing for exchanges on related experiences and approaches.

The Project Committee is an electronic platform, but also meets in-person twice a year. Based upon its weekly screening of incoming proposals, the Project Committee formulates recommandations to the Board of AgriCord.

2016 Project Committee in-person meeting Belgium – formulating recommandations from shared practices. Marek Poznanski speaking.

The Project Committee thus focuses on

  • the quality of the proposal and its coherence with Farmers Fighting Poverty;

  • the relevance of the proposed advisory services (farmer-to-farmer exchanges and advisory services proposed by the supporting agri-agency).

Within the network of agri-agencies, procedures for planning, monitoring and evaluation are operational. Information flows are transparent ( Over the past years, the internet platform has proven to be a powerful and dynamic tool for project planning, monitoring and evaluation, and a reliable international networking environment.

2014 Project Committee Brussels

The Project Cycle

Farmers’ organisations can submit their project proposals to AgriCord via one of the member agencies (the supporting agri-agency). The overall project cycle is as follows:






Farmers’ organisation



Farmers’ organisation, supporting agri-agency

Eligibility for funding

AgriCord programme manager


Farmers’ organisation, supporting agri-agency


Farmers’ organisation, supporting agri-agency

  • Project proposal, budget, deliverables
  • Advisory services proposal

Eligibility of project within the Farmers Fighting Poverty programme

Relevance of advisory services

AgriCord Project Committee


AgriCord Board (Project Committee Chair)



Farmers’ organisation, agri-agency, secretariat



Farmers’ organisation, supporting agri-agency

Reporting & monitoring

Farmers’ organisation, agri-agency, secretariat



Internal - External


Following assessment of proposals by the Project Committee, the Board of AgriCord decides on allocation of funding, taking into account the specific requirements of each donor government or technical/financial partner involved, such as geographical focus, thematic priorities, duration of the funding agreement, timing.