AgriCord is the global alliance of agri-agencies, mandated by farmers' organisations
We support over 600 farmers' organisations in more than 50 developing countries
We support FOs towards autonomy and access to finance
We support FOs in length and continuity

Digitalisation for development: benefits for farmers' organisations, June 21, Brussels

From access to inputs to trading, from individual smallholder households to well-established cooperatives, from smartphone applications to satellite imaging technology, digital technologies offer c

African agriculture adressing the demographic challenge

The French agri-agency, Afdi, jointly with the French National Federation of Agricultural Holders' Unions (FNSEA) and the Young

Pooling of instruments within the alliance: A toolbox for collective marketing

UPA-DI, the canadian agri-agency, has made a toolbox of instruments to support farmers'organisations (FO’s) for collective marketing of their products.

Agri-agencies start process of harmonising joint service offer

Twelve member organisations of the AgriCord alliance gathered gathered in a workshop on 26 April in Leuven, Belgium, to launch an intense process of harmonising their joint service offer. 


AgriCord and FFF to host panel discussion at 2018 European Development Days

AgriCord and Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) will organise a panel discussion during the 2018 European Development Days in Brussels. The event, titled "Forestry and Farms - A Women's Business", will take place on June 6th 2018. 

Now available: methodology for the 2019 Access to Seeds Index

AgriCord supported the participation of Farmers’ Organisations in the development of the Access to Seeds Index methodology. The 2019 Index will assess the performance of seed companies in responding to smallholders’ needs in Western and Central Africa, Southern and Eastern Africa, Latin America and South-East Asia. More than 60 African, Asian and global seed companies will be evaluated on their efforts to support smallholder farmer productivity.

Asian Development Bank annual meeting: AgriCord to share vision on cooperatives for an inclusive economic growth

AgriTerra and AsiaDHRRA, jointly with Asian Farmers’ Association, will participate to the Civil Society Program (CSP) organised by Asian Development Bank (ADB) during its annual meeting, from 3-6 May 2018 in Manila. This multi-partners session will focus on the role of agricultural cooperatives in helping reduce poverty in the Asia Pacific region. 

Strengthening producers in value chains: cocoa sectors in Cameroon, Indonesia, Madagascar and DR Congo

Cocoa is a product with high added value, and it constitutes an income supplement for many producers, especially since the price of cocoa has risen by about 25% since the early 2000s. However, the bargaining power of producers remains limited vis-à-vis collectors, wholesalers and export companies. As a result, the producer’s share of remuneration in the cocoa value chain is not increasing.

7th Potato Week : enabling environment for sustainable production, increased food security and income in Great Lakes region

Potatoes has continued to be an important food and cash crop in the great lakes sub-region. However, its development has been challenged by a number of factors which stakeholders along the potato chain saw that could be tackled through organization of annual ‘Potato weeks’.

New partnership AgriCord & FAO: developing smallholders’ capacities to tackle climate change and improve livelihoods

AgriCord and FAO signed a 5-year partnership agreement in Rome on the 27th of February 2018. This agreement is a continuation of a successful partnership since 2012.